Stone Temple Pilots was one of the prominent bands in the 1990s scene. Photo by Los Angeles Times

2020was pretty harsh in many ways, mainly because of the pandemic situation due to COVID-19 that spread all over the world, and almost nothing new happened in the music scene enough to rewind. Online global lives, Bandcamp revenue waive, and that’s it. Although I had liked a lot of songs, not many albums motivated me to write about the year that I rather forget.

Meanwhile, I decided to recap the year I was born: 1996. Back in the time, we’ve lost memorable artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Tupac Shakur, Mamonas Assasinas, Legião Urbana leader Renato Russo, country legend Faron Young, Sublime…

The Pepperoni Boy from Edmont to the Prince of Indie Rock worldwide.

A throwback throughout the decade: Mac DeMarco, Boy Pablo, Beach House, The Black Keys, and more.

The alternative music of the 2010s settled a paradox: the nostalgia for the good old times, and the new ways of music distribution. The comeback of vinyl and cassette tapes consumption culture that rebuilt many records stores impacted by the online downloads and the streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple Music (defuncted iTunes), Tidal, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Deezer. Furthermore, a new era of the internet spotlighted many artists like Billie Eilish, Clairo, Boy Pablo, Mac DeMarco, alt-J, Superorganism, Vulfpeck, and more.


King of the Beach by Wavves

Although the third album remained the essence of Nathan…

“Watercolors” is the seventh Ducktails album

The new album incorporates sax and bossa nova elements into an immersive synth-pop energetic and sharper than Jersey Devil.

The mastermind behind Ducktails, Matt Mondanile started the project as a lonesome wolf recording lo-fi and hypnagogic pop tunes that result on the self-titled debut on May 11 of 2009.

In 2013, the former Real Estate guitarist signed to Domino Records to drop the watershed The Flower Lane that radically switches the bubblegum guitar loops to high-quality indie rock and synth pop Letter of Intent. The current Mondanile’s phase upgrades to another level when the sophisticated Catholic aesthetic album St. Catherine came in 2015. Two years after, the Jersey Devil is chosen (by me) the best of 2017.

Entirely focused…

Stephen Fitzpatrick, Audun Laading and the manager Trevor Engelbrektson passed away.

The prominent Liverpool based indie-pop duo has passed away in US car crash.

The day was February 13 of 2016 when the four members of Viola Beach and the manager tragically were killed in a Sweden car crash. Devastating loss for the family, friends, fans and British music. Her’s and Viola Beach are both aspirant young musicians making something different to have fun, attaching many fans around the globe. However, it’s pretty sad when they couldn’t get the potential due to the unfortunate and terrible episodes that took their lives. The joy and youthful spirit have gone.

In three years, Her’s released two albums, one of them was the latest Invitation to Her’s

Johan, Simon, Sebastian, and Henrik formed Pacific Waves at the end of 2015. Photo by Aina Hüls/Facebook Page.

The drummer Sebastian spoke about influences that are being introduced on the further release, how the band emerged and the passion for Brazil.

Sweden is responsible for export many of the greatest things in the world. I’m not referring to IKEA, but musicians. A quick list can include Abba, Avicii, The Hives, Roxette, Yngwie Malmsteen, Peter Bjorn and John, The Hellacopters, Opeth. In a world that phonographic industry is the USA and UK since the last century (and lately South Korea), the underrated Scandinavian country should be considered as the third power of the music.

Maybe, the same world that would agree with my quick list someday includes Pacific Waves in that. The prolific quartet based in Gothenburg, it’s been walking through their…

Palm Violets former members are back on a freshly new project. Photo: Clash Magazine.

Between touring and the album debut working, Sam Fryer prospects a great future leading Gently Tender.

The Palma Violets fans (like me) might be missing the London indie rock quartet since the last record English Tongue in 2015. After three years of abstinence and uncertainty about the group future, three of them are back on the road as Gently Tender.

While the bassist Alexander “Chilli” Jesson no longer belongs to the group, working on his own project Crewel Intentions, Sam Fryer remains on vocals and guitar, Pete Mayhew switches the keyboard to the bass, and Will Doyle led the drums, alongside new members like Celia Archer (The Big Moon) on keys and the guitarist Adam Brown.

Burch strikes again with First Flowers. Photo: Bandcamp.

From a dark and introspective debut to dreamy and sweetness melodies.

The Jazz Vocal Performance alumni at the University of North Carolina Asheville, Molly Burch evokes the greatest influences from jazz and country music as Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, and Patsy Cline, resulted on 2017 Please Be Mine debut, and now First Flowers, the latest strike from the New Yorker label Captured Tracks, released on the last year.

Burch's echoes resonate on tearing guitar rhythms illustrates angst official video. That’s how Candy opens the album. The fact of not being controlled by anyone placing herself in the first place, instead of the world’s willingness. Why do I care what you think?/You’re…

Griffin Washburn, the Goth Babe man. Photo: YouTube

Griffin’s contact with nature resembles on the upcoming releases.

Once creating music from the bedroom, Griffin aspires new moods and influences inside of his camper, exploring the wildlife, climbing mountains, and surfing in the company of your pup.

Griffin Washburn is the man behind of Goth Babe, a solo project that he started on college circa 2015 when Fuzz Ghost EP came out, a raw garage surf lo-fi, developing to a dreamy indie-pop as the latest single Weekend Friend out on January 19 of this year.

After parting ways with The Lagoonas, he released a homonym EP called Griffin Washburn in June of 2015, then, he began to…

FUR is Murray (vocals and guitar), Harry (guitar), Tav (bass) and Flynn (drums). Photo: Julia Nala

The Brighton based quartet expects to release an EP for 2019.

In a few years ago, William Murray and Harry Saunders decide to write songs and, William Tavener on bass and Flynn Whelan on drums gather to complete the group known as the 2017 autumn hit If You Know That I’m Lonely that reached 5 million on YouTube and 3.5 million on Spotify so far.

FUR combine modern indie rock with the 50s and 60s romantics ballads and nostalgic sound, a journey that flirts between American Doo-Wop and the UK Beat. …

The Michigan band drops out the fourth album. Source: Pancakes and Whiskeys

Vulfpeck is an odd instrumental project from the University of Michigan. In 2013, the Fender Bassman Joe Dart among the multi-instrumentalists Theo Katzman, Jack Stratton, and Woody Goss released My First Car EP featuring Antwaun Stanley, the special guest vocalist, that became an influential member and gave another spirit to the forthcoming records.

However, the fourth album Hill Climber highlighted Theo Katzman as a vocalist following his solo work Heartbreak Hits from last year. The R&B Katzman’s sharp and smooth voice led the first album side on the opening Half of the Way which he recorded all the vocals, Darwin…

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